Saturday, May 15, 2010


My Personal Arsenal of Procrastination Weapons

Name: How Smart is Your Right Foot?
Type: Useless, yet oddly fascinating, brain test.
Origin: Forwarded on from, believe it or not, from my Zen Buddhist Abbot/teacher. My Roshi! Isn't she supposed to be teaching me how to free my mind from distraction?
Damage: Minimal. Takes barely a minute to read and perform. That is, unless you're trying to prove that you have superior mind-over-matter skills, in which case, see ya later.
Range: Pervasive. It's easy enough to send on, and since it's such a quick test, people are inclined to give it a try. Plus, the slightly wheedling tone in the description ("You have to try this" is mentioned twice, promises of hysteria and the backing of an orthopedic surgeon) is irritating but irresistible.
Notes: No really, it's quick. Go ahead. I'll wait.

Damn. Now I've got to try it again...

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  1. Sorry, darling, but I CAN do it . . . when I really really concentrate . . .